April 2018

We are thrilled to announce that our long anticipated second record "Call To The Air" is finally out! It is available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, CDBaby, and for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. We've teamed up with local legend Jeff Albert and Breakfast for Dinner Records for the release, which we're psyched about, and we're fresh off a really magical release show at the Three Keys at the Ace Hotel here in New Orleans. We also just got back a wildly successful release tour to the Midwest, where we met many new friends and got to catch up with old friends and collaborators, and play some great tunes to boot. Onward and upward!


Thank you everyone who came out to see "Wary Heat" this past weekend. Our collaboration with the Marigny Opera Ballet and choreographer Diogo De Lima was so loved last year that it was reprised during this January's "Jazz Ballets" program. It was a beautiful weekend of performances. Big news: new tour dates up! Look out Midwest! And we'll be releasing our new record, Call To The Air, in March as well. Look out for more details. Until then, happy Carnival, see you out in the streets! Mardi Gras is only 14 days away!